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Wood 'N' Art & Sculptures
This page has the bronzes and woodcarvings that are currently for sale.  I'm also offering for sale; custom carvings from your photos of your pets either as a relief or in-the-round.  Reliefs may be carved in Cottonwood bark as in the photo above of the Daschund pups.  Prices for these start at $300.00 please contact me for more information
"Female Collard Lizard"
  Basswood 3'X 5"x 7" 
"White-tailed Deer"
Basswood/Cottonwood Bark
          3"x 5"x 20"
Bronze  5"x 9 1/2"x 14 1/4"
                 "Gypsy Vanner"
This bronze is the same as above with a patina
that makes him a different breed.  Both breeds 
have feathery legs.
                      "Javelina Sow"
                Bronze 3 1/4"x 3 1/4"x 6"
  A Boar and three piglets will be available soon

 "Skipper" was carved in Basswood and inlayed in Cottonwood Bark.
The cat is approx. 5" x 8", the bark much larger.   This was done for
 friends, Skipper was more than a cat to them.  I can carve your pet
in this way for between $300.00 and $600.00 depending on the size.

This is Basil carved the same way as the above cat, in Basswood mounted on Cottonwood Bark.  This time showing the photo that I worked from.

Sadie and the photo I worked from.

Wolf head carved in Cottonwood Bark.                          Jody & Jasper, a mare and her foal that I use to own.

Beau, my sisters Trakehner horse.

This is my Quarter horse mare "Regis" carved in Cottonwood Bark.

This is Shorty, I can carve your horse in Cottonwood bark too.

"Sold to the Highest Bidder"
Basswood    8"x 21"x 11"

Basswood    5 1/2"x 13 1/2"x 7"

"Dall Bighorn Ram"
Basswood    5 1/4"x 9"x 11 1/2"

"Burrowing Owls"
Basswood      6 1/4"x 7 1/4"x 7 1/4"

"We Three", Bornean Orangutans
Basswood    9 1/2"x 17 1/2"x 9"

"Desert Mountain Spirit"
Bronze painted with oils   
7 1/4"x 15"x 10 1/4"

"Kaibab Squirrels"
Basswood    9"x 13 1/2"x 9 1/2"

"Immature Bald Eagle"
Basswood    6 1/2"x 6 1/2"x 14"

"Blue Peacock"
Cottonwood bark,    5 1/2"x 24"x 2"

"Where have all the Bison Gone"
   Basswood    7 3/4"x 12"x 9"  

Basswood     32"x 24"x 36"

"Arizona Icon" (NM state bird)
Bronze painted with oils     
9"x 19"x 13

"A Warm Place"
Basswood    4"x 10 3/4"x 5 1/4"

"POA and Lab, Buddies"
Basswood    7 1/4"x 13 1/2"x 11 1/2"

"Smokies and the Bandit"
Pondarosa Pine    12"x 16"x 40"


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